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Dr Lerato abortion clinic in Postmasburg, The best abortion clinic for safe & legal abortion services with Doctor Lerato

Termination of pregnancy can be done using medical abortion pills for early pregnancy or surgical (Vacuum Aspiration) abortion for late term pregnancy.

We at Dr Lerato Abortion Clinics, work as your trusted health guide and ensure that you are obtaining precise services according to your health needs. Having sixteen years of experience in this particular niche, we are honoured to represent our thorough legal abortion services and women’s health care aids as one of the best health care services in our country.


Abortion Pills

Medical Abortion Pills In Postmasburg

Medical Abortion Pills uses two medications, hormones to end a pregnancy. These medications cause changes in the lining of the uterus and cause muscle contractions that expel the pregnancy tissue.

Patients will have bleeding and cramping (sometimes heavy bleeding with severe cramping) like those that occur during an early miscarriage.

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Surgical Abortion-Vacuum Aspiration In Postmasburg

The surgical abortion in Dr Lerato abortion clinic or Vacuum aspiration procedure is recommended over the regular surgical abortion for patients who are over 20 weeks of pregnancy when the patient wishes limited Anesthesia during their procedure.

Manual surgical abortion is silent which studies have shown allows the patient to relax and experience less psychological discomfort while being conscious for the entire procedure.

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Free Consultation-Women’s Health Care Postmasburg

In our recent times, women health care issues have increased rapidly. At Doctor Lerato Abortion Clinics, women health care issues are given the utmost importance at any minute of the day.

We take specialized care of sexual problems, abortion procedures and so much more. Our doctors not only treat gynecological problems of women, but also they provide assistance in specific reproduction problems or terminating a pregnancy.


How confidential is the service?

Very – we understand the need for confidentiality and have a legal duty to protect your privacy. We keep information about you safe and secure. It’s usual for healthcare providers to inform GPs that we have treated their patients – we will ask you if it is OK to contact your GP

Is Abortion Legal?

Abortion is legal in South Africa providing it meets the terms of the 1987 Abortion Act. The law allows doctors to end a pregnancy if they believe that:

What Are The Risks?

Abortion treatment is very safe, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. No clinical procedure is without risk and these are fully explained to you before treatment.

Will abortion affect my ability to get pregnant in the future?

If your treatment is uncomplicated it won’t cause any issues with future pregnancies. There is no proven connection between abortion and future infertility, ectopic pregnancy or other pregnancy complications. Abortion can be associated with future pregnancies ending before the due date; this risk increases with each abortion, but the medical evidence is not enough to show a connection. 

Which Treatment Is The Best?

The best treatment for you depends how many weeks pregnant you are, the results of your medical assessment and your preference. The abortion treatment type we offer you will be based on clinical opinion and best practice guidelines. We’ll discuss this with you fully before treatment.

After Abortion!!!

How Will i Feel After The Abortion?

Recovery after an uncomplicated abortion usually happens fairly quickly. Most women feel relieved after treatment, but some may feel sad or guilty. Call or WhatsApp +27723514931 to make an appointment for post abortion counselling if you feel the need to talk

Can I Use Tampons?

Use sanitary towels for 1 to 2 weeks after treatment.  Tampons can be used for your next menstrual period.

How Much Bleeding Is There?

Most women bleed for 1-2 weeks – use sanitary towels during this time. The bleeding is like a normal period (there may be some blood clots). There may be spotting until your next period. After surgical abortion, a few women will not experience bleeding until their next period.

Will I Need Time Off Work?

Most women return to their normal routine in a day or 2. Rest until you can resume your usual activities.

How Soon Can I Have Sex?

You can have sex as soon as you feel sufficiently recovered from the abortion. You can get pregnant almost immediately after treatment, so it is important to use contraception if you do not want to get pregnant.

What About Travel After Treatment?

It’s best not to travel within 24 hours of treatment. If you must travel, make sure you know how to get emergency medical care if needed. If you choose to travel after taking the 2nd medication of the abortion pill up to 10 weeks – you may have cramps and bleed heavily during travel.

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There are lots of myths about the effects of an abortion. Here are some facts:

Unless there is a rare serious complication that was left untreated, there is no risk to future pregnancies or overall health.

Abortions don’t increase a risk of breast cancer.

Abortions do not affect fertility.

Serious, long-term emotional problems after an abortion are rare. They are about as uncommon as they are after giving birth. If there are issues, they are more likely to happen to people who have to end a pregnancy because of health reasons, or people who have a history of mental health problems.

Our providers can give you accurate information about in-clinic abortion side effects, risks, or any other concerns you might have.

A medical Abortion Clinic In Postmasburg

Medical Abortion is commonly known as an abortion with pills. Some people also refer to this method as self-induced abortion, self-managed abortion [2] or do-it-yourself (DIY) abortion.

If you use abortion pills, you will experience bleeding and cramping. The symptoms are very similar to your menstrual period or as if you were having a miscarriage (natural abortion).
The abortion pills generally refer to either using Mifepristone and Misoprostol in succession or using only Misoprostol.


Mifepristone is a medication that blocks the flow of progesterone, which is a hormone that supports the pregnancy. Without progesterone the pregnancy cannot grow. Mifepristone is only one half of what is commonly known as the abortion pill or medical abortion, it will not result in an abortion by itself.

Mifepristone also softens the cervix (lower part of the uterus) which will intensify Misoprostol’s effect.

Mifepristone alone is not enough to cause an abortion, Misoprostol is also needed.

Mifepristone is primarily used for abortion or miscarriage, so depending on laws and restrictions in each country, it can sometimes be difficult to find.


Misoprostol is a medication which causes the uterus to move (or contract), and this helps to expel the pregnancy with cramping and bleeding.

A medical abortion can be performed using Misoprostol without Mifepristone, but it is more effective to use both medications together.

Misoprostol has other medical uses aside from abortion (induce labor, postpartum hemorrhage, ulcer, etc), so it is typically more widely available.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are listed as essential medications according to the World Health Organization and they are intended for safe abortions

Having an abortion will not cause problems for future pregnancies like birth defects, miscarriage, infant death, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth or low birth weight.

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Safe Abortion Clinic In Postmasburg

1. Verify You Pregnant

First, you need to know if you really are pregnant.

Buy a home digital pregnant test that shows weeks test and be sure you are pregnant.

As many as 15% or more of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, and your pregnancy test could still be showing positive.

The earliest way to confirm a pregnancy is with a medical grade pregnancy test and ultrasound, which we provide.

2. Determine How Far Is The Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, knowing how far along you are will determine the type and cost of an abortion. An ultrasound provides this information.

We know your time is valuable and try to minimize the time you have to spend in the office. Our medical abortion patients have their own patient care coordinator! There is someone assigned just to you to facilitate your care and eliminate any unnecessary delays while you are at our office!

3. Understand The Best Procedure

Our counselors will provide information about medication abortion abortion pill) and surgical abortion. We will talk with you about your situation.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out a medical history and vital signs will be taken. If you are less than 10 weeks, you will proceed with counselling and consultation from the our staff and your physician to discuss your abortion care options. They will be glad to answer any questions you have about the abortion pill.